Magic Off by Sassoon 

Dave Benbow  is excited to be able to offer Magic Off from Sassoon, an excellent pre-colour treatment. The gentle Vitamin C formula is perfect for cleansing colour build up, and prepping the hair before a new colour, while strengthening and conditioning.

The benefits;

  1. Removes colour up to 2 shades while it conditions, preparing the hair for new colour and in the process helping to balance out the colour result.
  2. Ideal for brightening up existing Highlights for that fresh blonde look.
  3. Removes any build-up such as styling products.

This treatment is recommended every few months to preserve colour for longer, prevent styling product build up and keep hair fresh & clean from pollution.

Magic Off works by delaying the oxidation process in a similar way to lemon juice in food. For example: if an apple is cut and left out, it will oxidize and turn brown. If lemon juice (Vitamin C) is added to the apple the browning (Oxidizing) effect is delayed.